Mr Adrian Murphy, KSG FBCO

I attended the Welsh College of Advanced Technology (now Cardiff University) and graduated in 1964.  After successfully completing my pre-registration training in Barry, I joined Mr Dewi Jones in 1967 in Carmarthen.

At that time, clinical services were very limited as was the technology of the day so basic sight tests were all that could be provided with a limited selection of NHS lenses and spectacle frames.  During the last 40 or so years that I have been practising there have been huge advances in all aspects of ophthalmic care which I have fully embraced.  I was pioneer in the local area of fitting and supply of all types of contact lenses.  I also recognised the need for continuity of clinical care and instigated the purchase of clinical equipment which is constantly updated as improved technology becomes available.  For instance I was the first optometrist in Carmarthen area to invest in a retinal camera to aid the detection and monitoring of eye disease.

More recently, I have been at the forefront of developing enhanced clinical services in conjunction with local ophthalmologists at West Wales General Hospital, such as direct referrals and glaucoma referral refinement.

Outside practice, and apart from my extended family (six children and eight grandchildren) I have a passion for woodwork and cabinet making, all types of building work and more unusually cow husbandry which I practice on a family owned farm in Ireland.