Contact Lenses

Daily disposable lenses
This is probably the most hygienic and convenient way to wear contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses are extremely thin as they do not need to endure a cleaning process, this means they are probably the most comfortable lenses currently available. Daily lenses are now available in a wide range of powers including toric for astigmatism and progressive (varifocal) presbyopia.

Daily disposable lenses are only £24.00 for 30 pairs*


Fortnightly & Monthly disposable lenses
If your prescription is out of the range for daily disposable lenses or changing your lenses on a daily basis is too costly then fortnightly or monthly lenses could be the answer. These lenses are removed each night and stored in a hygienic disinfectant solution. They provide a very cost effective way of wearing lenses and are available in a very wide range of powers and specialist materials if needed.

Monthly disposable lenses start at £4.50 per month*


Continuous wear lenses
The advent of Silicon hydrogel materials means much higher transmission of oxygen through the lenses allowing continuous wear of lenses for up to 30 nights. These provide a viable alternative to surgical laser correction without the risks of such procedures. The aftercare for continuous wear lenses is more demanding, however, we are able to offer a comprehensive aftercare service for our patients.

Continuous wear lenses start at only £10.00 per month*


Tailor made annual replacement lenses
For those patients with complex requirements we can provide a range of custom made lenses that enable correction of nearly all refractive errors and the best possible visual performance.

Specialist & cosmetic lenses
Drawing on experience gained in the Hospital Eye service, we are able to offer specialist contact lenses for patients with conditions such as keratoconus or post operative problems that occur with laser refractive surgery. We also offer cosmetic lenses to improve appearances of poorly aesthetic eyes or for for theatrical purposes.


* Does not include sight test, fitting or after care.